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Blogging for Researchers

Our new Blogging for Researchers course received outstanding feedback. The workshop ran at UEA on 13 November. Here’s what delegates had to say: A brief outline of the course we ran:  Blogging for Researchers “This practical workshop introduces blogging and associated social media for researchers, as a means to establish reputation and authority and enable […]

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Danish Community Wind Power on the Retreat

Community Wind Power on the retreat in Denmark

Community Wind Power in Denmark on the Retreat. You can read a full version of this article on

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Power losses in Africa

Lost Power Could Fund Electricity Expansion in Africa

A version of this story has also been published on and in the December 2013 issue of Alternative Energy Africa.

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Feminomics at the Royal Agricultural College

Feminomics – A New Perspective on Gender and Leadership

Feminomics provides a new perspective on gender and leadership challenges and opportunities for both women and men. It looks at the unbalanced leadership behind the economic crisis and how we need to re-balance our leadership at every level for future prosperity and well-being. The presentation forms a powerful centrepiece for leadership events, stimulating high levels […]

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Flexicurity for the Self-employed

Our economic future depends on small business. But increasingly only those with personal wealth or assets are in a position to make a real go of ‘going it alone’.

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CEOs pay lip-service to Teamwork

It is hard to find a top CEO who does not support the idea of teamwork and collaboration; but it’s harder still to find one who genuinely works as part of a team. “Collaboration at the top is a myth,” says Celine Legrand, an assistant professor in the field of human resources management Audencia Nantes […]

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Good Designers Understand Business Management Constraints

“There is a myth that if you introduce design into a company, it will always improve things,” says Dr. Nicolas Minvielle, Director of the Master’s of Science program in Marketing, Design, and Creation at Audencia Nantes School of Management. “The truth is that there are as many bad designers as there are bad marketers and […]

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Jobs for the Girls: Time for a Progressive Women’s Enterprise Strategy

The article was first published in the ‘Labour’s Business’ report in November 2011.  A summarised version was published in the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship newsletter in Spring 2012. Women in the UK are just half as likely to start a business as men.  The gap is twice as wide for younger women; when women have the choice, […]

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Competition does not melt Corruption

As competition grew in Russia’s new capitalist economy at the end of the 1990s, so did the levels of corruption, according to research by Audencia academic Bertrand Venard. Venard’s findings contradict many market purists who argue that corruption should fade as efficient companies – focused on consumer needs – win market share from competitors with […]

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Crisis Response often Overlooked as a source of Management Lessons

Managing or avoiding crises is one of the primary tasks for senior managers at all organizations, yet the academic literature on decision-making in times of crisis is not yet well developed. “Business schools tend to teach about growth periods, but management responses to moments of extreme crisis should be important for business managers and business […]

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