LEPs and Enterprise for All

Recently I’ve been involved in setting up and managing the Enterprise for All Network (EfAN), an online forum of ‘enterprise’ professionals who are concerned about the place of enterprise promotion and business support within the Coalition Government’s proposed new Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).  Over the past few weeks forum members have shared views and experience, while contributing to, monitoring and discussing developments of LEPs at national and local levels. With Rob Weaver of C3consulting, I pulled together and edited a briefing note, which summarizes key conclusions to date.  We believe it makes an important contribution to LEPs’ debates and development around the country and we urge nascent LEPs and their advisers to consider its findings as they shape their proposals.

We identified seven principles that we believe should be adhered to in shaping the delivery of enterprise support within LEPs:

  • Enterprise and Business Support must be central to LEPs’ role
  • Engagement not just representation
  • Localism not parochialism
  • Enterprise Inclusion is a competitive opportunity
  • Client-centred approach
  • Take micro-business seriously
  • Procurement and Local Business

For fuller information about each of those principles see the full briefing report

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Erika delivers digital communications and entrepreneurship training and consultancy. Specialist in women in business, creative industries and social enterprise - and editor of Prowess the leading online centre for women in business. Drop me an email: erika [at] greenwellconsulting.co.uk

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