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How Hydro Project Management Team Navigated the Obstacles

The Harlaw Hydro Project at Balerno, East of Edinburgh, may be small, but it has faced some major challenges. It has been able to steer a path with the help of some high quality volunteers from the community, including architects, land surveyors as well as senior bankers and lawyers. The team avoided some opportunities where […]

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Hydro and wind energy balancing

Hydro generation can balance wind energy and help solve the problem of wind power intermittency. Though, according to a report from the IEA’s Wind Task 24, Europe’s hydro generation has not been developed with balancing services in mind. Close to 50% of Europe’s hydro storage capacity is in Norway, which has 84 TWh of hydro […]

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Wind Power in Brazil is Cheaper than Gas

Wind power in Brazil can compete directly with natural gas and the price of Brazilian wind projects is showing a steady downward trajectory, according to Mauricio Tolmasquim, president of EPE, the Brazilian national energy agency. In August EPE had announced the winning bid prices in an auction to provide 1.5GW of wind capacity to come […]

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