Feminomics – A New Perspective on Gender and Leadership

Feminomics provides a new perspective on gender and leadership challenges and opportunities for both women and men. It looks at the unbalanced leadership behind the economic crisis and how we need to re-balance our leadership at every level for future prosperity and well-being.

The presentation forms a powerful centrepiece for leadership events, stimulating high levels of engagement and discussion. You can flick through through the slides and scroll down to read about how we put it into practice at the Royal Agricultural College.

Leadership event at the Royal Agricultural College

I’m really grateful to Sarah-Jane Menato for having the vision to connect my earlier Prezi on Feminomics with leadership. And Rita Walsh, of the Royal Agricultural College, who in partnership with Sarah-Jane, had the courage to invite me to run a Feminomics leadership event to launch the RAC’s new Centre for Leadership.

Both men and women, staff and students, managers and the support team, were invited to the event. It was a Monday evening in early January, the weather was becoming treacherous and we were expecting excuses. Instead even more people turned up than expected and the room was filled. Everyone stayed for the full 2.5 hours and there was a lively level of engagement and discussion. Men seemed to be just as interested in the event and the issues it raised as women were.

Feminomics at the Royal Agricultural College
Rita Walsh Director of the RAC Centre for Leadership, John Nixon, senior lecturer in Economics & RAC Principal Professor Chris Gaskell CBE
Feminomics at the RAC
Feminomics event at the RAC


I am writing to thank you for the fantastic workshop that you ran for us last night. The feedback from the attendees is really positive. They found your Feminomics presentation very thought provoking, but you probably guessed as much from the level of discussion it generated. It was really important to get the Centre for Leadership off the ground with a high quality launch event and you made that happen for us.

More about feminomics

I’ve started to curate a feminomics leadership scoop.it archive with articles relating to the themes in the presentation. It’s a collaborative resource, any reader can suggest additional resources to add.

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