Blogging for Researchers

Our new Blogging for Researchers course received outstanding feedback. The workshop ran at UEA on 13 November.

Here’s what delegates had to say:

Fantastic course. Very informative and it eases non-specialists in.
I feel enlightened and enthused about blogging.
Great engaging introduction to blogging and SEO.
Couldn’t fault it. Felt happy to ask stupid questions without feeling stupid.
Working on the PCs simultaneously was invaluable.
I thought the whole day was excellent, well focused, well judged, and enjoyable.
Great teacher. Engaged the audience and kept level of interest high throughout.

A brief outline of the course we ran:

 Blogging for Researchers

“This practical workshop introduces blogging and associated social media for researchers, as a means to establish reputation and authority and enable public impact and engagement. It includes how to set up your own blog, guest blogging, writing techniques, SEO, promotion and measuring impact.

OBJECTIVES  By the end of the session you will:
  • understand the benefits of blogging for researchers and how to measure impact;
  • know how to set up your own blog and contribute to others;
  • have learned techniques for a more engaging writing style;
  • have lots of ideas about what to write about;
  • know how to use SEO techniques to attract more visitors to your blog;
  • understand how to use social media to enhance your blog and your reputation.
The workshop is led by Erika Watson. Erika contributes to a number of business and politics focused blogs. She also developed and runs the Prowess 2.0 Women in Business multi-author blog site.”

We’re really enthused by your reaction. In fact, we’re looking to build on it. If you feel there are areas where we could help you improve, please let us know.


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