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Gossip in the Workplace and Management

Considering how important gossip is for the operation of world markets and business, it is relatively under-studied, says Grant Michelson, Associate Dean for Research at Audencia Nantes School of Management. The world’s stock markets are grounded in a context of rumor and speculative activity, where people try to navigate using information that is more or […]

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Germany Top for Internationalization

Germany has the best national policies for supporting and encouraging international study, according to new research undertaken by the British Council with support from the Economist Intelligence Unit. The research compared the internationalization of higher education in 11 of the largest and most active countries in this area. It examined national performance in three categories: […]

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Access to Enterprise should be a Human Right. Keynote speech CBBA conference

Summarised version of keynote presentation to the ACBBA/ SFEDI European Community Based Business Adviser Conference, London 13 Sept 2010. Nobel peace prize winner, Muhammad Yunus says:  “All human beings are born entrepreneurs. Some get a chance to unleash that capacity. Some never get the chance, never know that he or she has that capacity.”   I […]

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Trade Unions for the Self-Employed?

Everyone has a business in them, according to the enterprise campaign recently launched by David Cameron. The self-employment rate is already at its highest level since the 1930s. But as a new report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), based on official figures, suggests that these new entrepreneurs are in fact a growing class of vulnerable workers. […]

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German University Clusters of Excellence receive Funding

The German federal and state governments injected more than €2.72 billion of new money in 2012 into leading universities and programs to improve Germany’s research capabilities and ability to compete against the global elite in the university sector. This follows an injection of €1.9 billion in 2007. It went directly against the predominant international trend towards […]

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Marketing Inclusive Business Support

Greenwellfuture provides inclusive entrepreneurship CPD to  business support providers and policy makers, who want to ensure that business support services attract a broader range of participants. The presentation below gives a snap-shot of a small part of our training programme.  For more information please see our Inclusive Enterprepreneurship section or get in touch for an informal discussion. How to […]

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Are optimism and chance all you need to succeed in business?

Optimism and chance are key factors in business success according to new research. But optimism about your own abilities can be built with good training and support.

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LEPs and Enterprise for All

Recently I’ve been involved in setting up and managing the Enterprise for All Network (EfAN), an online forum of ‘enterprise’ professionals who are concerned about the place of enterprise promotion and business support within the Coalition Government’s proposed new Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).  Over the past few weeks forum members have shared views and experience, while […]

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Gender Balanced Leadership

This article was first published as ‘Balance is Best’  in the Guardian Newspaper’s Women in Business supplement, May 2009. As the UK faces the toughest economic climate in over 50 years, it is time for the business world to review, learn and get smarter.  Women in business are a critical part of the solution. The evidence […]

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small is beautiful

Small is Beautiful: the Environmental Benefits of Home Working

As world leaders head to Copenhagen to trade ideas, if not actions, on a low-carbon future, let’s hope their reading lists are not restricted to the new and shiny. Thirty five years ago EF Schumacher wrote ‘Small is Beautiful‘, which predicted the devastation we now see from squandered natural resources. He called for an economics […]

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